Spotted at NYFW: Anna + the Missoni's

It's no surprise that both Anna dello Russo and the Missoni's were in New York for Fashion Week and the release of Target x Missoni, respectively, but it was a surprise when Angela and Rosita showed up to a gallery right next to the Jason Wu show, just in time to snap a pic with Anna. Isn't it just fabulous?


You've been #fryespotted

To celebrate to opening of their new Soho Flagship store, The Frye Company is doing a few pop-up stores around NYC and fryespotting, where they take fabulous pictures of fabulous people trying on their fabulous boots. Or, already in their fabulous boots and just walking around the fabulous city. Isn't it fabulous?
Anyways, CollegeFashionista and Frye did an event today with the founder and editor of CollegeFashionista, Amy. Amy photographed the stylish event go-ers, and in the end will pick who she thinks was most stylish, and that lucky fashionista will win a pair of boots. (I say will because she is still deciding).
Luckily, I got some behind the scenes photos (I was also busy running around interviewing everyone) for you all to see! Aren't you just dying for a pair of Frye's now? I am. Well, another pair at least...


DKNY Resort Runway Show

Wow, wow, wow. I have to say, I wasn't always a die-hard DKNY-er, although I have always admired Donna for being such a strong female voice in the industry, and being so passionate about giving back.  Recently, the Donna has been impressing me more and more, and I love it. After two gorgeous s/s12 collections she had me sold. After this resort show, I am the equivalent of an obsessed groupie.

This show was GORGEOUS. There were so many practical but really great pieces that every girl would die to have in her wardrobe. Blazers, great pants, fabulous outerwear, sequins, paillettes, and the fur! Ohmigod the fur! I mean, that red coat speaks for itself (I took at least 10,000 pictures of it).

One of the most amazing parts of the evening was when Donna Karen actually spoke and introduced the collection herself, citing 'the night' as a reference. "What is Donna Karen black?" she asked, "We all love black, we look thin in black, we look sexy in black, we go from day to evening in black, we can never have enough black." One of the cutest moments was when she told the audience how her granddaughter went in her closet and asked, "Grandma, do you like any color but black?" Of course, Donna's response was that yes, she liked red. After all, red and black are the same (at least to her).

She went on to explain how the collection was about the masculine and feminine, skinny pants, blazers, scarves, color, prints, glamour, and sequins ("you can never have enough brightness"). So basically, every trend that's trending right now. Ok...well, anyways, the collection was beautiful. The clothes moved beautifully, the style was beautiful, the fur was beautiful! (ok I'll stop mentioning it, I promise). And right on trend (how could it not be, with so many trends). I may jest, but I really did love the show. I'm going to go broke buying it all. Oh dear...

Take a look below at some photos of the event, and some of my favorite pieces!

Donna Karen herself and Mary Alice Stephenson coming out to introduce the show.
 Lykke Li performing the jams the models walked to.
OBSESSED with this coat. 
Seriously, I need it. Like, now.

And my outfit: (sadly, it includes no Donna Karen, oops!)
J.Crew Shirt
Marc Jacobs Jacket
Citizens of Humanity Jeans
Tasha Bib Necklace
Toy Watch
Alexander Wang Boots
(My favorites, even though they KILL my feet)