Recycle the Runway

This past weekend my lovely friend Sara (above, with a few denim bracelets she made) presented a 3-piece collection at Recycle the Runway, which, as you may guess, is full of looks made from recycled clothing. There were some good looks, and a lot of wonky ones, but they were all very creative. My favorite looks were the denim looks (and not just because they were made by my friend) which were all made from old jeans, jean jackets etc. etc. Check 'em out!


Welcome to Spring, Lincoln Center

I love it when the weather starts to get nice in New York. All of a sudden everyone is out and about and there's not a single winter coat in sight. It is magnificent. 
Happy Weekend!


Windblown, Bleecker

Want to know how to look just like him? (Ok, or just his hair)
Then here you go!


NYFW, Shoes

I just realized, to my utter horror, that I never posted my absolute favorite reoccurring NYFW post! The shoes! How could I have forgotten?! Please forgive my scattered brain, and enjoy all the wonderful footwear.


The Newest Addition...

Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry, I've been way too busy for my own good recently, so The Style Engineer has gotten a little neglected. I just got back from a whirlwind trip back home- this weekend was our 11th annual Spring Fling! It was amazing and fun and we raised a ton of money- but more on all that later- because I know want to introduce you to the newest member of our family!

This little guy was being auctioned off (we auction off a puppy every year) and this year we got him, and our family couldn't be more excited! I have some great pictures from when my dad was bidding on him- the expressions on my siblings faces are priceless. But here he is! He's a ten week old Australian labradoodle, and we still haven't named him yet (it's pathetic really). But we still love him and I'm so excited!