The Good and the Bad

Ok, I'll start with the bad news...

So just as I was getting ready to blog my little heart out–I spilled coffee ALL over my laptop. So as of right now, the poor thing is in Ohio or something where the Mac guys are *attempting* to fix it.
SO basically I've lost all material I was going to put up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they can fix it (the "genius" at mac said they might not even be able to) but in the mean time new blog posts will be spare. Hang tight!

And now onto the good news!

This summer, I will be guest blogging for College Fashionista, a website that covers, wait for it, College Fashions! (Wouldn't you never have guessed?!) My title is actually "Style Guru" (how funny is that? I definitely do not consider myself a guru, but if they do I certainly won't object)

So look out for some fun posts that will be a little different then the posts here on TSE (I, of course, will let you all know when I have a new post up) and if you desire, you can follow CF on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. (While you're there, follow me too!)


Guess What's in the Box?!

Guess! Guess!

Ok, fine, I'll tell you...

Aren't they just the bestest?
I couldn't resist giving a sneak peak–there will be a very exciting post on them up sometime soon (I only got them today, after all)
If you follow me on twitter, you know that getting these is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Literally, ONE store I found had one pair. Not even the Prada store had 'em. These are such a hot commodity (And so, by owning them, I feel so special).


Blue and Gold

Marc Jacobs Clutch
Ring from Regal Rose

Just got a few rings from Regal Rose, and I am super excited about them! They add some edge to my outfits- especially this one (since the bag has hearts all over it – which are amazing by the way – they are all individually cut out)


A Day With...LuisaViaRoma

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Thank you all so, so much!

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The Velour Backpack, Chanel Style

This is Sara. And this is her vintage Chanel velour backpack. I crack up every time I see it- and it is just too fabulous not to show.

 The backpack in action
And yes, it is legit Chanel


To hold y'all over...

Sorry about the lack of posts lately...
Internet in SoCal is apparently very hard to come by...
In any case, here is a super cool Balmain Jacket I found recently (and managed to take a picture of before being yelled at by the security guards)
So hopefully that'll give you something to look at until more posts arrive.


Another thing I found at Barneys

When you're competing with the custom made McQueen of Hamish Bowles, I guess you really have to bring it. These shoes brought it, but not as much as his outfit did...
But really, the only person who could top him that night was Daphne Guinness
Although I do like the above pictured shoes...kinda cool and weird at the same time...


Hamish before the Met Gala

Monsieur Hamish Bowles before the Met Gala (at Barneys) in a fabulous, custom made McQueen ensemble.

"Oh haha why yes, we ARE so fabulous!"

Sorry about the lack of posts lately...school just ended and I'm taking a much needed break before heading back to NY for the summer.
More soon!


Risque Business

Just so you all know, she was wearing no bra. With a lace shirt. In public.
Her extra cool shades make up for the amount of nudity I saw though.


Highlights from the McQueen:Savage Beauty Book

If you cannot, for some outrageous reason, visit the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met, then I highly recommend you invest in the book (also available on Amazon).

As soon as I got home from the exhibit, I read the book cover to cover. Then, I read it again. It has a special place in my apartment now. Not only does it cover all the pieces in the exhibit, but there are several interviews and statements about McQueen, including a brief biography. Just reading it alone was fascinating enough (of course, I did enjoy looking through the pictures as well).

Here are a few (just a few, mind you) highlights from the book/ collection.

The cover-quite a cool holograph 


Julian Louie Wedges

Your first look at the new Julian Louie for Aldo Deanna wedges!
I picked up the last of pair these babies (in my size) yesterday, and I'v been wearing them ever since...I'm IN LOVE with them.
Make sure to scoop up a pair before they're all gone- and trust me, they won't last long.
And be on the lookout for a longer post with them!


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

If you live in New York, and haven't yet been to see Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - what are you doing with you life?! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak yesterday, but the exhibit opened today to the public and is only open until July 31, so you better get yourself to the Met stat.

This exhibit literally took my breath away. I was expecting it to be very emotional and extraordinary, but it completely exceeded my expectations. As many of you know, McQueen is my absolute favorite designer, and being able to be within inches of his pieces was such an incredible feeling.

Not only are the clothes and accessories beautiful, the way the exhibit is laid out is quite beautiful as well. Without giving away too much, I will just say that between the mannequins, the headpieces, the lighting, the music, the displays, and the rooms just about made this experience. Ok, so I could have looked at his clothes thrown on the ground and I would probably be just as excited, but you get the point.

Unfortunately, photos are not allowed inside the exhibit. But in the true spirit of McQueen, who defied just about every rule of everything ever, I snapped away (at least until I got told to put my camera away, which after doing so I promptly took it out again, out of the guards eyesight. Unfortunately, this whole guard nonsense hindered my picture taking, so I only got a portion of the outfits)

So take a look, and, seriously, get your butt to this exhibit as fast as your little legs can carry you. And then take home the postcards, calendar, journals, scarves, purses, pencils, mini-shoes, and book that they have for the exhibit (I did).

Lee Alexander McQueen

For more information, or if you can't make it but still want to see all the pieces and what not, look no further than the Museums very own McQueen page