Repetto, Paris

If you have never been to a Repetto store while in Paris, you are totally missing out. These stores, in Paris, are absolutely the cutest things in existence, with ballet slippers and tutus and decorating the store, which, in addition to selling those ballet things, also sells everyday shoes like ballet flats and booties, and handbags. They are a little pricey, but great quality, so it is worth it, in my opinion. Even if you don't want a pair of shoes, this store is definitely worth a visit to.
Don't you just want to twirl around in one of these a la Carrie Bradshaw?


Bastille Day, Paris

 I was lucky enough to spend Bastille Day in Paris, and wow, the French really know how to put on a fireworks show. The parade was so fun to watch, mostly because it was great to see how excited the crowds were-but the parades in Paris are nothing like the Parades in the U.S., there is no cheering or funny music or costumes or candy. It was very rigid, and all military, so although different, it was very cool to watch. We had to buy one of those silly periscope things in order to see the parade, and using that was almost more fun than the actual parade!
Later in the day, after we changed out of our patriotic attire, we went to the Hotel Invalides and saw all the military vehicles on display, which was awesome. It was so cool to see them all up close!


Louis Vuitton x Marc Jacobs

Whether you love Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs or not (but who wouldn't?) you must give this exhibit a visit if you are in Paris. It chronicles both the achievements of Louis and his son Georges Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs as the creative director since 1997. For a Louis lover like myself, this exhibit was amazing- I could not get enough of those trunks! They even had one with M.L. on it- I definitely need that, birthday present anyone? 
The first floor was all Vuitton, and the second all Jacobs. Each was laid out beautifully and innovatively. There were mini garments to showcase what a daily outfit consisted of in the 1800's, pieces x-rayed, a wall of video inspiration, models with animals heads, and the list goes on. Definitely worth it to give this exhibit a look.
I die for this suit.


Paul et Joe, Paris

The other day I went into Paul et Joe Sister and Homme in the Marais in Paris, and what a cute store! I had never really given this brand much thought, and boy I was missing out. The women's clothes are girly, fun, and have a little vintage kick to them- as do the mens. The Men's clothing is absolutely fabulous- it is different than what you see everyday- Pink, blue, and patterned blazers, textured pants, and soft sweaters, all in great colors and fun patterns. It's pretty fantastic.
I was so lucky in that the owner/designers son, Adrien, happened to pop in, so we all got talking, and he told us all about the brand and even showed us the cookbook for next spring (which is pretty fabulous). In addition to Men and Sister (which a lower priced, younger line) they also have just Paul et Joe, Kids, and beauty. I highly suggest you check it out- whether online or in a store- the one I visited was at 55 Rue ville du temple in Paris.