Summertime has Arrived

So apparently Summer didn't actually start until today...
Time to break out those silly sun hats you've been saving (or maybe not, since it has been 10,000 degrees for the past month already) and get your tan on. In case you haven't already been doing that in this heat.
Happy Summer!



Check out my latest CollegeFashionista post to read all about this outfit!
Or, you could just look at the pictures and imagine for yourself.
But if you want to see how I am at fashion-ey writing, check it out.



My first post for CollegeFashionista (featuring the cheeky-eyebrow-raising-girl above) is up!
Make sure to check it out!


Salute to Sunday

Don't you love my super cheesy title? I do.
I'm especially happy this gray sunday morning because I finally have my computer back! And in getting it back, I have some extra goodies for you all. And by goodies, I mean photos I took before my computer melted away then was resurrected. Like these!

Not really one's for creative posing, are they?

I know they are in uniform and all- but their uniforms are pretty fabulous, right?
And they were so adorable, and so willing to have their picture taken.
I guess if you come into the city during Fleet Week in uniform, you have to be willing to get your picture taken...


Recently - As told by my iPhone

To update you all on my super-exciting life, I have enlisted the help of photos taken by my trusty iPhone.

I basically got caught in a Will Smith mob. It was terrifying.
But I did get a good pic...right?

I had to show em off again.


Love Chelsea Market.

My super exciting wrist.

Ok. Really? Can you honestly tell me you've ever seen a car with legit Croc interior?
Me neither.

What about plaid interior? Have you seen that before?
No. Probably not.

My pass to get up to Levi's HQ.
I felt quite official.

7-UP. The Uncola.

I want a muffin from here, just because of the bike.

Basically my new shoe uniform.

Invite to LuisaViaRoma Firenze4Ever closing party.
Really wish I lived in Italy right about now...

I mean.
Come on.
These are just. Amazing.


Jumping for Joy and Other Shenanigans

Dress dyed by yours truly
Prada Glasses

Summer has arrived! And guess what that means? Time for jumping-in-the-street-pictures! Just kidding! (not really), in all seriousness, yes it is summer, time to break out the DIY-ed tie-dye. Hooray! I'm jumping for joy (literally).
So here is me. Jumping for joy and celebrating summer in my brand new and super shiny Prada Sunnies, which I am totally obsessed with even though they are a bit silly.
Also I am sporting a totally cool Regal Rose ring and some other various baubles and items of decor.

And on another note, that first picture of ME where I am super posey-and-cute-right? is the picture for my CollegeFashionista Bio! So make sure to check it out if you want to know my entire life story in 250 words or less.

Pink and Green at the Flea

Hello again Blogging World!
So long story short, I still don't know the fate of my computer, but for now I have a loaner (thanks, Dad).
Blogging will still be a bit slow (most likely), but at least you'll get something!
Starting with this fabulous man! (Who almost wouldn't let me take his picture...he wanted to know what it was for and why and who and the whole shebang.) After much reassuring, I finally got his outfit- ta da!