Lacroix's Sleeping Beauty

How AMAZING is this?!
I need one right now.

Lacroix and Camilla Morton have teamed up to re-create 
the classic fairytale of Sleeping Beauty.
All the images are done by the amazing Monsieur Lacroix,
and the story itself is written by famed fashion writer Camilla Morton.
AKA, this book is fabulous.
It is also only the first in a series of fairytales that have been re-imagined by Camilla.

I would suggest you get your copy now.
Happy Reading!

PETA's Worst Nightmare...

Spotted at NYFW: Fur Galore


NYFW: Leopard and Fur

2 of the biggest trends, combined.
Party on.

MFW: D&G. I die.

I would KILL for one of those parkas.
Seriously- who doesn't want a parka lined with fur, all in bright colors?
Yes. Where do I sign? Please and thank you.

Oh, and I had to throw in the skirts.
Because seriously, how cute are those?
I'll take one in every color.

Images via Style
Even though I want to pretend I was there and I took them.

NYFW: The Miu Miu's

NYFW: Pink Feathers

I'm a sucker for anything pink,
and anything feathered.

NYFW: Gray + Taupe

NYFW: Orange Pants

Remember the red pants?
Well, here are the orange ones.