Project Parsons

"Being in New York City, one of the most fashion-forward places in the world, students are not afraid to take risks and be that fashion-forward student..."

Guess where the above quote is from...OK, I'll tell you- it's from my article in USA TODAY College! (Yes, I quoted myself. That's how you know when someone is really conceded; when they quote themselves.)

Anyways - very exciting news everyone- today I had an article published in the above mentioned USA TODAY College! It is all about style at Parsons and how fabulous we all are, and so on and so forth. It also involves silly socks and a dog named Chanel.  Read on!

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  1. We once adopted cats named Coco and Chanel (or was in Dolce and Gabbana? Kidding! It was the former). I'm still sad we didn't. Although, I'm thinking we could change our dogs' names.